October 2016 
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Meet the Staff

Polka Staff

Artistic & Programming

Peter Glanville - Artistic Director & Chief Executive

As Artistic Director I have to decide which plays we want to create for our theatre spaces and also which shows to present from other national and international companies. I will direct some of these but most will be produced by other artists, so I spend a lot of time meeting writers, composers, designers and actors, supporting them to bring their stories and visions to life. I have to be sure that the overall programme is enticing for children between 0 - 14 years and that the stories we tell will resonate with both schools and public audiences. From classic fairy tales to modern adaptations of books, true stories, new stories, old stories or fantastical worlds, I hope that Polka Theatre will help to spark the imagination of every child with the very best world class theatre.  

Roman Stefanski - Associate Director

Hello, my name is Roman. You may have seen me around at the theatre because I have been here for over 28 years directing and acting in various shows over the decades. I now work freelance at Polka and help the theatre as a consultant advising on all aspects of puppetry as I have learnt a lot over the years and am now able to advise on how best to present this form of theatre. I still direct and also pass my skills on to drama students at various colleges. I am technically skilled as well and still help with a little maintenance and decorating around the building – currently the 30th anniversary exhibition in the display cases were created by me with help from my colleagues. I love talking with people that visit Polka so if you see me do stop me and have a chat some time.

Jo Belloli - Associate Producer – Early Years

I work part-time for Polka, and have for many years. I think I have a great job. I work closely with Janna, our Head of Education to try to support Peter, our Artistic Director, in planning the most appealing and engaging productions to keep audiences wanting to come to Polka. This involves seeing other theatre productions and meeting other theatre-makers, plus reading books and scripts, and lots of emailing and talking to people!  It’s all about understanding what could work well in our two theatre spaces, and how visitors can enjoy a visit to Polka, even if they are not coming to see a performance. I have a very special interest in theatre for very young children, and my favourite part of the building is the Adventure Theatre (although I love our garden, too).  I plan the programme of shows that we present in the Adventure Theatre, and I am always on the look out to find new performances to come in, especially for babies and toddlers.  I believe you are never too young to come to Polka, and that the keenness and openness of a very, very small person is so great that there is scope for all sorts of theatre experiences.  Polka is a great place to work, where we all really care about what we do. There is a team of people here, with all sorts of skills and expertise, plus other colleagues we bring in to help us with each new production. So you’re never working alone. I think I’m very lucky to be a part of it all.


Stephen Midlane - Executive Director

Hello, my name’s Stephen and I’m the Executive Director.  I’m in charge of the organisation and management of Polka.  That means that it’s my job to make sure that Polka has everything it needs to keep producing the plays, workshops and other activities which you enjoy so much:  working out how much money we need and how we’re going raise it; deciding what staff we need (each year we employ about 120 people); making sure that our building is attractive, comfortable and safe; and thinking about the future and what sort of place we want Polka to be in five, ten or twenty years time.  I’ve worked at Polka ever since it opened 30 years ago and I can’t think of a nicer place to work. 

Amanda Cropper - Development Director

In my job at Polka, I look after Fundraising, Marketing and Sales. This means making sure our audiences know all about the wonderful things we produce and show for children both on and off the stage, and that they feel inspired to see them. What many people don't know is that Polka is a charity. We would struggle to exist if we were unable to raise at least £300k in donations each year. So, a big part of my role is dedicated to letting people know the theatre needs help and finding out how they might support us. Our vision is to 'light up the imagination in every child' through the power of performance. We want to make sure we can continue to do this for the children of today and tomorrow.


Chris O'Kelly - Head of Marketing

Hi, my name is Chris and it is my job to manage how Polka communicates with our audience, ensuring as many people as possible are interested in what we do. There are many ways we communicate, from sending letters and emails, to placing adverts online and in newspapers. I work with our web designer to develop the Polka website and I’m always on the phone to graphic designers and printers, putting together our season brochure. There’s lots of writing to be done, thinking of stimulating ways to describe our shows, and there’s plenty of checking and proof reading (let me know if you spot any spelling mistakes!) For shows produced here at Polka we enlist an illustrator to create a unique new design or drawing to publicise the production. And as with all communication, it’s a two-way conversation, so we also ask people what they think, surveying our audience to find out how we can make Polka even better. 

Creative Learning

Janna Feldman - Head of Creative Learning

My name is Janna and I’m the Head of Education at Polka. I plan participatory and learning activities for everyone who visits Polka including schools, families and young people.  It is my job to ensure that there are fun, creative events in the building that everyone can take part in, like free storytelling sessions on a Saturday or holiday workshops and youth theatre sessions. Not only do we have participatory events taking place at Polka for families but we work very closely with schools and teachers to create workshops and large projects that take place at schools. It usually ends up with the schools performing on our stage or creating exhibitions for our building and I manage these. Education is also responsible for supporting teachers on their visits to Polka so I make sure that we create education packs with relevant curriculum links for shows, facilitate after show talks and organise work experience week. I am also responsible for ensuring that children are safe when they take part in our activities. Another important part of my job is about making sure that the projects and performances at Polka are inclusive and accessible to all groups of young people. I work very closely with the Artistic Director and the Associate Producer of Early Years when planning these projects as well as other theatre companies, writers, organisations and with all the other Heads of Department. I also manage our team of freelance workshop leaders and assistants who facilitate these workshops and projects. The best part of my job is when I see children and families having lots of fun in our workshop sessions. 

Lucia Jones - Schools and Access Officer

One of my main roles is to book our workshops that go out to schools. We try to ‘tailor make’ these workshops so that we can give the schools exactly what they want.  At Polka we have signed performances for all of our main house productions; I book the signers and organise all they will need to prepare for the performance. I also commission a BSL video to help the audience when preparing to see the show and I write a synopsis with photos of all the cast and characters. Polka has pioneered Autism Friendly performances and I liaise with the stage manager and cast to make these performances more accessible. To help prepare for the visit I also make a synopsis and a picture information strip. Each summer we have an education week that brings together our long term projects and work experience week for year 10 students. I schedule the sessions and work with 16 year 10 students during their work experience placement and with all the staff at the theatre, we show how a producing theatre works. It is a busy few weeks but lots of fun.

I love being involved with such a busy and creative department as there is always a lot happening and to get involved with.



Dan Rainsford - Head of Production

As Head of Production I am responsible for the smooth running of our shows. This is a great job, which gives me the chance to work with everyone from directors and designers to suppliers, builders, painters and technicians. It’s an exciting task, helping to take something from a page of script to a full blown production (without spending too much money!), making sure that we have all the costumes, set, props, lights, sound and projections in the right places at the right time, but it’s worth it when just one minute of our work might have an effect on our audience that could last for a lifetime!

As well as working on our shows I help with visiting companies and co-productions both here at Polka and on tour. I also help the team with the smooth running of the building and the company, as well as managing our workshops, where we build the sets for all sorts of shows, both by us and all sorts of other people!

Chris Randall - Technical Manager

My name is Chris and I work in the production department of Polka Theatre as the Chief Electrician. This means I have overall responsibility for all the lighting, sound and special effects that you would see in Polka’s productions.  I look after all of our equipment and always look out for new and exciting kit that can make our productions even more magical. I work with lighting designers rigging the lights they want to use on a Polka show, and have a lighting team that I lead and give lots of different tasks to. The job can be very challenging but also great fun, especially when you get to make lighting props like jars that glow in pretty colours to look like the jars of ‘dreams’ in the production of the BFG!

Front of House

Gary Tugwell – Deputy Theatre Manager

I started work at Polka in 1981 as a part time fireman, giving fire cover during performances. I served with the London fire brigade as a professional Fire officer for thirty years and have now retired. I have been the deputy Theatre Manager at Polka since my retirement from the LFB three years ago and I use my fire officer skills in various ways - Fire safety, First Aid, Risk Assessments, Health and Safety and management of staff.  I also help manage merchandising for the front of house department.

I enjoy DIY and help maintain the building – from painting to plumbing, but most of all I enjoy the interaction between myself and our customers. 

Aneta Orme – Café Manager

My job is the most important as I make sure there are no rumbling tummies during the shows!  I love healthy food in the Polka Café and have a wide selection of sandwiches, paninis, jacket potatoes, cupcakes, fruit, treats and drinks which are all delicious and all prepared fresh each day on the premises.  Come and say hello to us before, during the interval or after your show. 

We also have an extra special Children’s Tea Parties and a range of options for those hiring our spaces. 


Mandy Mallen - Head of Sales

My name is Mandy and I am head of Sales and IT here at Polka. That means that I have to make sure all the shows are up on our computer system ready to sell, in our Box Office here at Polka and on our website. Our Artistic Director, Peter, tells us what is going to happen months ahead so we so have the right information to give our customers, this includes what shows are all about, if there are any puppets, or songs, or any scary bits, how long the show will be, what age they are aimed at, and if there is an interval for you to have ice creams. We also get asked lots of questions about all sorts of other things like what books we have in the toy shop, what else is going on in the area, what food we have in the café, where to park and can the children bring their scooters! We have to look after all visitors that come into the building at Box Office and make sure everyone knows where they are going.  That is not just our audience, but as we don’t have a stage door we also greet people coming to Polka for meetings about making shows, designers, composers, actors and deliveries.

I also am responsible for all the computers in the building and making sure they are working properly and that everyone has an email account so we can send messages to each other and people outside of Polka.  We have a network that connects our computers together so we can all share information about shows and our building and all know what is going on here, and when we are all going on our holidays.

Tracy Oakley - Deputy Box Office Manager

Hi, I’m Tracy, one of the Deputy Box Office Managers at Polka. My main job is selling tickets over the phone to see our fantastic shows! I also have various admin jobs to do each day such as taking care of all the bookings made through our website and today there were 410 tickets to print and send! I send all staff a spreadsheet of how many audience members we can expect every week including which schools they are from and if they have any access needs. I work with the press officer to make sure all the press and guest tickets are reserved and I prepare tickets for collection from the Box Office. I’m frequently at the front desk so next time you’re passing through be sure to wave.